Friday, September 18, 2009

Basketball Sayings ,Slang, Slogans, and Quotes

Every sport embodies its own language and basketball has a very unique one. Below I will share some of my top basketball sayings, slogans, and quotes of all time. Enjoy!

Sayings and Slogans

And 1 - When a player scores a basket and gets fouled. The player is awarded "one" foul shot.

Bring Your A Game - Come ready to play your best

Killa Crossover - While dribbling a player switches direction by crossing the ball in front of their body.

Come Strong or Don't Come at all - Enough said

He Got Game - Term meaning that "he" is a good basketball player

The Lake Show - In the past this was used to describe the "showy" style of basketball played by the LA Lakers. Mostly in reference to the Magic Johnson era.

Ball Out - This can mean 2 things. On the street it can simply mean "its my ball". This could also be use as a term to describe someone who has played a good game.

First or D's - These are terms used in pick-up games when 2 people grab the ball at the same time. In a real game with referees this would be called a jump ball, but without ref's the first person who says one of these words gets the ball.

21 or 33 - A pickup game of basketball played on 1 hoop. Everyman for themselves, the first person to the designated score wins. Most people play too 21, in the Midwest these games are called 33.

Makem-Takem - During a pickup game played on one basket, this implies that the person who makes the basket also gets the ball out.

Swish- When a basket is made by touching the net only

Brick- A missed shot usually described when its hard off the backboard and has no chance of going in.

D-Up - Playing good defense

Bucket - a made basket

Quotes Of the Week
From Basketball Greats

"There is no I in team, but there is an I in Win"

Michael Jordan

"If they want to play football, we can play football"

Shaq O'Neal

“I mean, last season, I was 24 going on 25. Now, I am 25 going on 26. You grow up, you make mistakes and you learn from that. I am trying not to make the same mistakes.”

Ron Artest

“Ask me to play. I'll play.Ask me to shoot. I'll shoot.Ask me to pass. I'll pass.Ask me to steal, block out, sacrifice, lead, dominate.ANYTHING.But it's not what you ask of me.It's what I ask of myself.”

LeBron James

"The guy said NBA players are one in a million, ... I said, 'Man, look, I'm going to be that one in a million.'”

Kobe Bryant

"Wisdom is always an overmatch for strength.”

Phil Jackson

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  2. Greatness only comes to those who are willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to achieve excellence..... Frank (Ice-Cold) Clarke

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  4. Can't go wrong with the MJ 'There is no I in team, but there is an I in Win' motto. Awesome collection here. If you don't mind I wanted to share some cool basketball mottos I found and post them here: Basketball Slogans